Just like you, Siri wakes up to pastry

iphone6pastryToday we take a break from recalls and scams to bring you this fun feature part of Apple’s new iOS 8.

When Siri’s plugged in and asleep, she (or he – depending on your settings) will wake up to “pastry.”

“Huh? She (or he) is going to jump through my new, higher-resolution Retina HD 4.7″ screen and eat my sweet, doughy baked goods? I liked her (or him) better when she (or he) just sent my texts and gave me directions.”

Before you worry about Siri snatching your sweet treats while you sleep, here’s the story.

Apple’s new “Hey, Siri” command lets you wake up your iOS 8 device while it’s charging. You see my big discovery? “Hey, Siri” sounds like “PASTRY.”

It all started one night when I was watching TV, discussing the breakfast pastry, my iPhone plugged in on the kitchen counter. That’s when it happened. The familiar Siri “ding, ding” tone out of nowhere. I knew I was on to something big.

Go. Plug in your phone. Try it. You know you want to. Let me know what happens. Post in the comments below.

If you don’t want Siri to wake up to the sound of your pastry-discussing voice, here’s how to disable that iOS 8 feature:

Settings–>General–>Siri–>Allow “Hey Siri” (or “pastry”)

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