Who’s most likely to need a rescue at Acadia National Park and on what day?

acadia2Five years of records from the National Park Service show there are an average of 3,083 search and rescue operations every year at America’s 59 national parks, costing an average of $4,789,596 a year. That means each one costs an average of $1,554.

There were 30 search and rescue incidents at Maine’s Acadia National Park last year, according to the National Park Service.

You can read more about about that and watch our CBS 13 On Your Side I-Team story by clicking here.

Now for some interesting factoids specific to search and rescue incidents at Acadia National Park.

  • Women and visitors 50-59 years old were most often the subject of a search and rescue incident
  • 22 incidents with injury happened while hiking during the day
  • The most frequent contributing factors involved falls (15) and fatigue / physical condition (7)
  • Most search and rescue incidents happened last year on Sunday (8)

Despite the risks, with its breathtaking views, rugged boulders, and steep hikes, Acadia is a state and national treasure.

  • 35,332 acres owned by the National Park Service
  • Acadia was the 9th most visited national park in 2014 with 2,563,129 visitors; Great Smoky Mountains National Park was the most visited park with 10,099,276 visitors
  • 7-day Acadia park pass for private vehicle: $25
  • Acadia annual pass: $50
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