500 million Yahoo accounts hacked; what to do now

1280x960_60322P00-BLCCYYa-Who did it? For now, the question of who hacked half a billion Yahoo accounts can’t be answered. The FBI said it is working with Yahoo to figure out who’s behind the hack.

Here’s what we do know — this is now considered the largest data breach in history.

The hack extends beyond Yahoo email (the third largest email provider in the country). Yahoo said users of Yahoo Fantasy Sports, Yahoo Finance and Flickr are also part of the breach.

Even if you haven’t used Yahoo email in a while, this could still impact you. Yahoo said the hack actually happened back in 2014.

The stolen information includes names, email addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, and in some cases, security questions and answers used to verify your identity.

Security experts warn cyber thieves likely have access to even more information, including details in your emails themselves.

  1. Change your Yahoo password and security questions.
  2. If you use the same passwords for other accounts, like online banking and shopping – don’t forget to change those passwords, too.
  3. Use Two-Factor Authentication. You can use your cell phone as another layer of protection when logging into your email and many other websites.
  4. Don’t click on any links or download attachments appearing to come from Yahoo.
Jon Chrisos

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