5 easy ways to cut heating costs this winter

winterCOLDWith winter just two weeks away and temperatures already hovering around freezing, Mainers are starting to crank up the heat.

As the frigid days arrive, heating costs are always a big concern in the state.

According to a weekly heating fuel price survey conducted by the Governor’s Energy Office, the current statewide average cash price for No. 2 heating oil is $2.04 a gallon, up two cents from the week before. The average statewide kerosene and propane prices also increased two cents from the week before, now at $2.56 and $2.31 per gallon

The Consumer Energy Alliance says homes and businesses can save on heating costs by using some “tried-and-true” energy savings tips, which include:

  1. Turning your thermostat back 10° to 15° when you’re asleep or out, which saves about 10% annually in heating costs
  2. Opening curtains on south-facing windows to allow sunlight to naturally heat your home
  3. Keeping your fireplace damper closed unless a fire is burning
  4. Using ceiling fans to circulate warm air. Reversing your ceiling fan clockwise helps move warmer pooled air near the ceiling back into the living space
  5. Keeping doors closed to rooms not in use, especially those with an exterior wall, which makes home heating more efficient
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