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Here’s why privacy advocates are concerned about the “10 year challenge”

If you spend any time at all on social media, you’ve probably seen the “10 year challenge” by now. It’s that thing where people are posting a 2009 photo alongside one from 2019. For many it’s an attention grab — showing off changes (and improvements) in hair, weight, muscle. Like fine wine, we’re all getting […]

Heads-up!! Your Facebook account was not cloned

You can stop forwarding messages to your Facebook friends telling them “almost every account is being cloned.” This is a hoax. Bogus. Not true. It’s like a modern day chain letter. Facebook says there’s been no sudden surge in cloned accounts. But viral messages spreading in posts and messages suggest otherwise. Heads-up!! Almost every account […]

‘Channel 13 News’ Facebook privacy hoax is back — don’t fall for it

Worried that everything you’ve ever posted on Facebook will become public tomorrow? Worry no more; it’s just a viral Facebook privacy hoax that’s circulating once again. Before you copy and paste the “statement” and fan the flames of this modern day chain letter, please keep reading. The version of the post that’s making the rounds claims […]