Biggest auto recall ever; what to do next

If you’re trying to keep track of vehicle recalls, it can be a rough and confusing ride. Tuesday the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced a national recall of defective and potentially deadly airbags that were used in about 34 million vehicles, making this recall the largest in U.S. history. NHTSA reported the Takata air […]

Why your reusable shopping bag could make you very sick


My most recent story that aired on WGME CBS 13 Portland was like a grown up science project. We collected five reusable bags from shoppers in a parking lot of a Portland grocery store, and we brought them to the Microbiology and Infectious Disease lab at the University of New England. Our CBS 13 On […]

Attention Portland Shoppers: Will You BYOB?

Attention Portland shoppers: get your nickels ready. Starting this Wednesday, April 15, many Portland stores* will be forced to charge you 5 cents for disposable shopping bags – yes, those paper and plastic bags ones you’ve likely been using to haul your groceries your whole life. Or you can BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) and […]

Anthem Hacked: What Do I Do?

Our CBS 13 newsroom and On Your Side hotline (207-228-7713) have been busy today answering questions from concerned Anthem customers. According to the Bangor Daily News, Anthem is the state’s biggest private health insurer and has more than 300,000 members across the state. Even if you aren’t an Anthem member now, Anthem said in a […]

Just like you, Siri wakes up to pastry

Today we take a break from recalls and scams to bring you this fun feature part of Apple’s new iOS 8. When Siri’s plugged in and asleep, she (or he – depending on your settings) will wake up to “pastry.” “Huh? She (or he) is going to jump through my new, higher-resolution Retina HD 4.7″ screen […]

Southern Maine’s Naughty Neighborhoods

As consumers, most of us watch where we spend our money, right? After all, there’s only so much money in the budget pot to cover food, clothing, housing, transportation, back to school supplies, and maybe a vacation here and there. But according to self-professed “discreet dating site”, thousands of people in the Portland area […]